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Friday, March 16, 2018

Xwept Fonts - 3 CC0 Freeware Fonts

I was quite surprised to find that a client for whom I am creating a logo chose the logo rendition (that I almost didn't even include) with my own font, Xwept.

I released this as a freeware (Creative Commons 0 - Copyright credit maintained free for Personal Use without any other restriction than it and all derivatives must remain under the same CC0 license) font some time ago, but no one really seemed too interested in it.  However, as unique styles go, this font seemed to fit the needs of his logo, specifically.  I even created a more muted version of the first Xwept font in order to find a good complementary font for the second line of text.

The original font is actually Xwept Small, named as such because of the smaller loops, ascenders and case style found in the lowercase a, b, d, e, g, i, j, k, m, n & t letters.  Eventually, I will change a few more of the lowercase letters, trying to compact them vertically.

I can remember David Carson asking me if I had any new crazy fonts.  He liked to use them when he was the art director for Ray Gun Magazine so that reading his Rock 'n Roll articles were an adventure.  I had no idea I'd fall in love with creating these fonts, myself.

But I also knew that I had to make the necessary corrections required for most everyone else (mainstream public and media).  Otherwise, my unique fonts aren't even going to get a second look.  After all, I would like to fit in and contribute to society, somewhere, somehow.  

So a more tamed version of Xwept was created.  And it did look good as the top line of my client's logo, but it still needed to be toned down and given a uniqueness of its own for the next couple lines of text, which was more descriptive and less logo-ish, it needed to be more legible (unless of course, you are an alien).  

So, because I could not find a font that complemented Xwept without over-powering it, or just being too lame, I created Xwept Plain Spoken for Common Folk, which offers its own unique flair but still works with Xwept.

I am going to update that font further, as well, and introduce the theme of the font to more of the characters.  In this case I will see it as an improvement, so it will be the same crazy font name, Xwept Plain Spoken for Common Folk, but a new version to overwrite this first one.  So, if you like it, grab it now.  ;)

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