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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bevelry (Optical Illusion) Fonts & Medieval Hrunting Staff Font

Hi guys...

2017 was a tough year for me.  I had absolutely no posts here on this blog in 2017 because I was always fighting my aging computers.  After my last reliable computer, a Sony VAIO laptop finished my last Christmas card on Christmas Eve of 2017, it pooped out on me.  Fortunately, after 2 months of waiting, I managed to fanagle a new Dell Inspiron 15 5000 Gaming series 7755.  After 5 PCs have gone out of commission, finally, I'm back!

I apologize about the absense.  Hopefully, my new Dell laptop will keep me on track, now.

Just in case anyone is wondering, the URL shortener I use in these posts is mine. At one time it was public, but then it was getting spammed, so I locked it down. https:// will work with all the addresses, and usually I try to add the 's' at the end of the http but I know I must forget a lot, too.

Anyhow, I am the only one using it. Some of the commercial fonts are actually long ass affiliate links. If you don't like that, you can go to the domain and find them yourself.

I also run (which is not yet https enabled because of the server I have it on now), and I just added a couple of fonts that I helped touch. That is, they were Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licensed fonts and so I made a couple of derivatives.
The original font didn't have any lowercase characters, so I added them. This is a shadow font that plays a trick with the eye to show a beveled serif font.

-I have added 2 more improved versions of this font to the distribution archive for a total of 3 fonts.
Hrunting Staff is an old style rough blackletter with a staff running through the capital characters. The name comes from a tribe that inspired the original font.

-I will be posting the original version to this olde style font after a few more tweaks.  Remember, I am just getting back online and I have a lot of software to install on my new Dell laptop.

Even with all the computer problems, I had been posting a few freeware fonts that were commercial use ready each month, until January and February of this year (2018), when I was completely void of a real PC that could accomplish my tasks as required.  Needless to say, there are a lot of fonts at the Font-Journal.

As always, all the fonts on Font-Journal are available for free download. The original catalog included shareware, as well as lots of freeware. I have been trying to reclassify the the ones marked "free for personal use" that are actually full legit freeware, but the catalog is big.

As mentioned, since I am an artist and designer, I have been adding to the already large font catalog, and I have tried to showcase freeware fonts that are OK to use for commercial project use.  Remember that even some of the freeware do require attribution, as well (a credit for their contribution to your overall design and vision is customary, especially in professional works).  There are also still a few shareware added, some of which I cannot seem to register (maybe the designer has moved on to a better place?).  Of course, there are some shareware fonts that is really too good not to include in the archive.

When I make a font, I am usually using free tools. Although, I have finally grabbed a little font editor program, I never seem to open it. I prefer creating a character in a large canvas space. So I create stuff using tools I have found online, and some of these tools come and go, or become paid subscription sites. When they do, I move on.

I am a brand nut. I design logos, full identity packages, graphics, websites, marketing, ads... I also design and build PCs, and fix 'em for others, and in order to make sure I had control over my domains, brands and websites, I partnered with major technology companies so that I could offer my clientele and customers the very best products and vital business internet services with dedicated support teams, and then offered them to my fellow pros at the very best prices, all with less cross-selling (web spam) and virtually no email marketing (spam).

I have a lot of friends and fellow professionals using my services and quite happy with them. But, I try to offer the best solution to each professional or company based on their needs. That means, I am not going to post a bunch of my links to all my domain registration and web hosting/server solution offers in this post. But, if you would like to talk to me about what I can do for you, reply to me and I'll see if I can contact you somehow, privately (if I can).

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