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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Too Much Fun

I indicated that I will be updating this blog with posts showing off my own font creations that I have made.  I do love to blog, but as I have so little spare time, I find that I prefer to spend it designing logos, menus, websites and fonts.

I now have a long list of fonts that I am working on.  Once in a while, if truly inspired with a simple design, I can create a simple, basic font with a pretty full character set in just a day.  But then, I have to document it. I write about how I made the font, what may have inspired it, any little challenges on the way.  I then add an appropriate license, trying to get the wording right right so that it is clear and easily understood.  I also make a couple of graphics.  One with the full character set, one just as a preview of what the font is capable of doing.  After a few rewrites, and sometimes a few font edits after checking it out in Photoshop, I'm done, but packaging-up a font really adds a whole 'nother day to the process.  Then I can upload it to my Font-Journal.

Once it is available at Font-Journal, I have to check it out and make sure it displays, that at least most of the characters in the preview page actually display.  Then, I have to edit it and add a couple of links to the font info page.  Sometimes I can approve it before I edit its information, but usually I wait until everything looks good and then go ahead and approve it in my administration control panel so that everyone else can see it.

Supposedly, I should then announce it in a few places the next day (in a couple of Twitter feeds, other social networks  like Facebook, BeHance, LinkedIn, WordPress, Blogger) and then I am done for the moment.

The thing is that I would rather be creating stuff than promoting it.  So I'm not marketing my stuff much, because I have more fun creating it.

I also have lots of other stuff going on, mind you.  Right now I am trying to recover my wife's laptop, and trying to get my son to get his homework done.  So there are always little things keeping me from what I ant to do, what I should be doing.

There is the problem that not many believe in Me the way I do.  Oh well.

But, rather than have you all wait for a post about each font that I have made in the past year, I'll just give you the link to the fonts I have already uploaded to Font-Journal

Don't get me wrong, I will get around to posting little preview articles about most of my decent fonts, anyway.  But I am have way too much fun creating these fonts at the moment.  And I am actually excited to get these out and available to the public.

My fonts aren't usually met with the warmest receptions, as I like some obviously quirky styles.  But hey, they are freeware TTF PC fonts.  Although the license varies from font to font, I generally try to keep them free for personal, public or commercial use.

With some fonts I allow others to make their own derivatives, and yet with some fonts I want to be the exclusive developer.  With some fonts I allow redistribution.  With other fonts my Font-Journal will be the exclusive font archive distribution center.

So, please read the associated ReadMe.txt and License.txt included with each font archive.  I will protect my  intellectual property and all my rights to it (as that's all an artist ever has).  After all, I want to keep creating more art, and for my art to spread and influence the world as it has Me.  I sure as heck don't want to spend my time in the courts (but I will if I have to).

So, just pay attention to the license and we will both be happier, ok?  ;)

Thanks!  (Back to having too muck fun!...) -Doug