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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

WebFont - A Free SIL OFL Font & Web Font

My "WebFont" has finally been ironed out so that it will install.  It is free, obviously you can use it on your website as a web font (#webfont), and has lots of little dingbat extras for UI symbols. It is a bold sans serif with some goth touches, intended for logos and section headers with very good ledgibility (or readability).

Today, I updated the following characters: / | \ & @ % ^ ( ) - + = : ; ' " n t m, still mulling over other changes. Anyways, I am still working on it, so updates may yet be forthcoming.  It has become apparent that I need to update a lot of the punctuation, I have a new style that needs to be applied to the other quotes, commas, semicolons, etc.  Always something.  But, it's getting there.
"WebFont" a free bold sans serif with goth cuts & a few extra dingbats.
The development version is available at Fontstruct, the free online font editor.
This font is a good basic start for your own take, and is eligible for designing your own 'derivatives' (edited, modified, appended or stylized renamed copies based on the original font), so if you like it and you want to tweak it, feel free to go ahead and do just that.  You can clone it at Fontstruct and edit it there, or you can download it from Font-Journal (or FontStruct, but the official download distribution release is at my own site archive of fonts, Font-Journal {unless Google Fonts would ever want that job}) and then throw it into your favorite font editor.  I would hope to be acknowledged for my contributions to the finished font in the documentation.  Just be sure to rename this font, as it one uses the reserved name, "WebFont", and yours can't as well, or we would have too many fonts named the same thing.

WebFont is a modular font, which also means that it is well optimized for Flash, if you are still using that in, say, an animation video production environment.  I made the following preview image using a free metal background I grabbed from Graphic Flip...

WebFont Character Preview (limited number of characters displayed).
WebFont has an official distribution release version home page at Font-Journal
Now, please be assured that I am going to keep working on this, that it will improve over time.  That said, I may not be back here to officially announce a new version the next time it is updated, but I will come back and update this blog entry with updates when I can.

Currently, WebFont offers 611 glyphs and still is a very light load. Google Fonts requires 213 particular glyphs, and all of those are present, while supporting Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended A, General Punctuation, Superscript & Subscript letterset registers, as well as the Copyright, (Registered) Trademark, Service Mark, TEL and FAX Letterlike Symbols, a few Currency Symbols, and a wide variety of Dingbats.  I have started the Latin Extended B letterset register, but have a long way to go on that one.  

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work.  Font-Journal is where I keep my officially released fonts, but it is also an archive of what I feel are great freeware and shareware fonts.  I try to post anything there that I can redistribute, especially stuff that I can use on websites (web fonts / #webfonts) and that are good for commercial projects such as logos.

Speaking of logos, I have to get back to one right now and will be back to publish this once I have the official distribution release archive ready to download.  ;)  See Ya!