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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

OFL Freeware Small Caps Sans Font (& WebFont)

I have created a small font file and released it under the Open Font License.  This is commonly referred to as OFL or SIL OFL freeware that is a license specifically created for fonts, and is commonly used for Google Web Fonts (#webfonts).

Parking Small Caps

As you can see, it was created in FontStruct, a free online TrueType font editor that is easy to use and allows users to create modular fonts (and modular fonts are actually optimized for Flash, if you still use that for animation production, or something).

This is a no frills, straight-forward sans serif monospace small caps TrueType font which supports uppercase, lowercase (using the small caps), numerals, simple punctuation, the ©, ™, ®, $ & ¢ special characters, with no other real overhead so that it will load quickly from websites that use it.  The style has high loops when a letter presents itself with one (the middle letter bar is high and uniform among each case).

This font also has a home at my Font-Journal, a repository of freeware and shareware fonts, with an emphasis on posting fonts that are OK for commercial use, and/or as a web font.

If you have any special characters that you would like to see supported, I would be more than happy add them.  Constructive criticism is also highly encouraged for any of my fonts.

Derivatives of this font are allowed, but you can't name it the same, so make it your own font to suit your own purposes at FontStruct for free, just use a different reserved font name.

You may use it as a web font (#webfont) and redistribution of this font (and any possible renamed derivatives of it, as long as they are under the same license) is highly encouraged.

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