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Monday, February 11, 2019

Kung Fu Panda Photoshop Text Effect by Hyperpix

Kung Fu Panda Text Effect by Hyperpix

Recreate the Kung Fu Panda Movie Title #Text #Effect Easily with Your Own Headline, Title, project, product, presentation, event, announcement, sale or Font.

Showcase your brand or announce a product. Download this 100% #Free Text Effect...

#Photoshop #Effect by Hyperpix from Free Design Resources...

#design #branding #kungfu #panda

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Amblin Mono Free Demo Font by Doug Peters

Amblin Mono Free Demo by Me

I have big designs on this font family. This is the personal use only freeware demo you can get now...
I have to finish up the commercial use version of this, but I have a lot of irons in the fire right now, so please be patient. Of course, it would only take me a day and a half at the most to finish off the commercial version, document it, make a few intro/sample images, archive it and send it off, if anyone ever does donate.
Amblin Mono is not just a monospaced sans font, it has collegiate and sports appeal. Because the demo has a limited character set, I am not allowing it to be used as a web font, but the commercial version will have a web font included.

Free for Personal Use Demo download is at Font-Journal...

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Discopatentiously Obstructivenating FREE DEMO Font

'Discopatentiously Obstructivenating FREE DEMO'
by Doug Peters 

(BTW, That's me, guys.) 

It's a Handcrafted Curvy/Curly Sketched Print Script Pixel Font...

If you click on it, you should see this image at normal size.

This Font is a TrueType Bitmap Novelty Demonstration version font. It is available Free for Personal Use freeware to try a Demo of the Commercial Version.   If you like it, you can use it for personal projects.  If you want the commercial version (for commercial use), you will find the links to get it through the included text documentation.  

I made this smaller text sample version image which might be easier to see here.

Download the Official Release Archive at Font-Journal...

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Free (CC0) Multilingual Constant Height Sans Block Font by JingYo

AZUL by JingYo

#Bold, #Condensed, Constant Height (exept accents), Block Filling #Sans #Font with a Modernized Art Deco Playbill look.
CC0 PD #Free #Typeface with #Multilingual Support. 
It makes a fine font for a variety of needs, and although designed as art is quite legible and makes you slow down and read.  I think it looks good, I like it, or it wouldn't be here.  It will not fit everywhere, but it is a great font.  And free, and you can even modify it and create your own derivative if you want to take that route and tweak it or even redefine it and make it something else.
Note that you can use this one as a web font, too.  It has been released into the public domain as a freeware font that holds onto the authoring designer's Copyright, but you can pretty much do anything with it, and it's free!

Free for Commercial or Personal Use. Download from Font-Journal... 

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

100% Free Handwriting Font by Khurasan: Fake Serif

Fake Serif by Khurasan

A Quickly #Lettered Dry #Brush #Print with a #Cursive Style, a Printed #Script #Font.
Strange name, eh? But a pretty neat human touch font for free.

OpenType and TrueType font formats. Plus some docs and these images. A #Handwriting font with a very healthy character set.

100% #Free for Commercial or Personal Use.
Download at Font-Journal - Freeware Fonts for Designers...

Free Mohave Sans OFL Font & Web Font by Gumpita Rahayu & Tokotype

Mohave by Gumpita Rahayu & Tokotype

#Sans Serif #Typeface with a 4 Weight #FontFamily offering Regular & Italic styles (8 #Fonts).
OFL Freeware #Font#Family

About the Mohave font (as posted at the destination website):
"Mohave is a titling display sans serif typeface, built with smooth height and dynamic glyph. It's designed for large points setting and contains four weights with each letterform is nearly monolinear, with fewer corrections applied to stroke and joints to maintain the typefaces structure remain visible.
"Initially designed by Gumpita Rahayu. as all-caps display fonts in 2013, it was expanded into a 4 weights family including matched italic in 2018. The new version has new body shapes, with more neutral and modulated forms, including some alternates in the uppercase and lowercase and equipped with OpenType Pro encoding."

Download #Free from Fontesk...

Free SERAFINA Serif Display Caps Font by Marcelo Reis Melo

SERAFINA by Marcelo Reis Melo

#Free New #Serif (#OTF, #TTF & #WebFont) #Font
Donations accepted (of course).

#AllCaps Serif with some dropped-out sections for effect.
They'll grab your email and send you the Download Link.

#Free #Typeface for Personal or Commercial Use. Download from the FGD Blog - Free PSD Goodies and Mockups for Designers...