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Sunday, March 27, 2016

The definitive Blackletter: Black Family by Paul Lloyd

The Black Family is not only the definitive hand lettered medieval gothic calligraphy script, it's even a free TrueType font from Paul Lloyd!

This is one of Paul Lloyd's "Black Jewels", and I know that you are going to be impressed, take a look...

Embossed Black:

EmbossedBlack (there's also a Wide version)

Incised Black:

IncisedBlack (there's also a Wide version)

Plain Black:

PlainBlack (there's also a Wide version)

Shadowed Black:

ShadowedBlack (there's also a Wide version)

Each individual font is also be available separately (see the corresponding links under each character preview image).  So far, I have yet to get each of the Wide versions setup at Font-Journal, but I will be getting to it, with time.

So far, that is the original Black Family archive you could download from Paul.  But I decided to add one more font from Mr. Lloyd, the one he made to complete the set, UltraBlack Initials...

UltraBlack Initials:

UltraBlack Initials

Obviously, the UltraBlack Initials are an upper-case only blackletter font.  But if you are looking for the whole family, you may as well have the full family.

Paul Lloyd's work on these free Black Family fonts is exemplary and although I would tweak things a bit differently, I would be removing this font further away from its roots as a finely detailed handlettered manuscript font set.  Kinda hard to even believe that they are free.

Capture It Family fonts by Magique Fonts

The Capture It Family contains both the 'Capture it' and 'Capture it 2' fonts by Koczman Bálint from Magique Fonts.

These are both free TrueType Stencil sans fonts, and you can see in the two previous posts here at FontMaster, the character preview map of each font in the archive.

Furthermore, when I do add Capture Smalls (also by Koczman Bálint), which will include the lowercase letterset, I will be adding it to this archive (as well as an archive for it on its own as it can stand on its own).

Although these are free TrueType fonts, the artist/designer does accept donations.  You can contact him through his Facebook page...álint-110683665690882/

Capture it 2 font by Koczman Bálint Updated

Capture it 2 has been updated to reflect its artist/author's new alias, Magique Fonts, and its free status.  The font designer/artist does take donations, though.

Capture it 2 font is the reverse of 'Capture it', giving a negative of the same very distressed all caps stencil style sans-serif font similar to something the military might use, with the same few differences in the style (The B lacks a Termination bar, the K is not distressed).

"Capture It 2" Free TrueType Font by Koczman Bálint

Updated "Capture it" Free PC TrueType Font

Capture it had previously been listed with a "Free for Personal Use" license at Font-Journal.  It's been updated to reflect that it is actually free, although the artist/designer, Koczman Bálint, who has changed his alias from Cpr.Sparhelt to Magique Fonts, is accepting donations.

Capture it is a very distressed all caps stencil style sans-serif font similar to something the military might use, though there are a few differences in the style (The B lacks a Termination post/bar, the K is not distressed).

'Capture it' free TrueType font by Koczman Bálint

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Rio Art Deco

Rio Art Deco is a big ugly black sans-serif drop caps font that has one panel decorated with an art deco pictograph.  This font only provides the two cases of capitals in the upper and lower case registers (no numerals or punctuation).

Rio Art Deco font is best used as a heading in art deco style promotional materials.

Rio Art Deco by Renn Crump from Font-Journal


Paintdrips by Renn Crump is a free TrueType PC font that is OK for commercial use.  It would look appropriate in paint or painting service advertisements.

It is a drop-cap brush print with calligraphic touches, done a little sloppy (on purpose), in a heavy sans-serif that is dripping with paint.

The font offers 94 characters, including uppercase, lowercase, numerals and punctuation characters.

From Font-Journal

Meistersinger Family

Meistersinger Family free TrueType font archive offers a regular version, as well as a shadowed outline version of a very nice, curvy serif  typeface that shows elaborate flourishes on some of the serifs in the capital letters.

This is a nice set of a full font by Renn Crump.


LeGolf is a free and pretty full font that looks like it was inspired by bent, twisted and broken golf clubs.  LeGolf is another free font from Ren Crump.

Uppercase, lowercase and numerals, some punctuation.


LeGolf font distribution archive is available at Font-Journal and is OK for commercial use.



Free decoratively embellished unical style inital capitals uses celtic patterns to stand-out as a first letter or exotic heading.  Another free font by Renn Crumb.

Brought to you from Font-Journal, the freeware and shareware PC fonts archive & repository.


Architext is by S.G. Moye and has been released into the Public Domain.

I have updated the info on it (author, Public Domain), and added a text file to communicate its status and origination.

This TrueType PC font is a light drop cap sans serif minimalistic architectural style font with rounded terminators and angled curves.  Full font (uppercase, lowercase, numbers and punctuation).

Brought to you for Font-Journal, a freeware & shareware archive of TrueType fonts.

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Assimilate has been updated to reflect it's true license as a free font, and its origin as having been created by Jörgen Jörälv, Ultraboy.

From Font-Journal


Argosy has been updated in Font-Journal to reflect its artist, Daniel Zadorozny, from Iconian Fonts.

Argosy from Font-Journal

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Missing Blog Background

This is just one of my blogs that has lost its background.

I'm not sure what's going on, but I know of at least one other blog I have where this has happened.  I don't know if its my fault, or Google's or if I moved something in my Drive account, but I'll try to fix it.

RECTIFIED March 2nd, 2016 (Blogger's fault: Lost the default background image.  #SHEESH)