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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Technical Issues - Please Stand By...

It has been a while since I've been able to create and post an original font of my own, on my own cataloged freeware and shareware digital font repository,

The main issue is that I have had some technical problems, like PC and smart phone issues.

  1. First, I upgraded from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to a Note 7, and that experience has not been a good one.  Although I was able to check-out the Apple iPhone 6S Plus as a loaner while I awaited my Galaxy Note 7 replacement, I spent almost all of my time configuring 3 different phones over a month and a half.  Once I finally received the new replacement version of the Note 7 and I have finally configured it (and purchased all sorts of accessories like a wireless charger, 2 cases and more crap for it), all the sudden Samsung wants these things back.  Holy crap, when will I ever stop shopping for a replacement phone and when will I ever get all the settings right, again?
  2. Right after I pre-ordered the Note 7 (as soon as I possibly could), my Note 2 died that very weekend.  And immediately after that weekend, my Sony High Definition Laptop stopped powering up.  The issue is either bad ram or a bad SSD, but it was cheaper for me to buy a $200 used Gateway i3 laptop at my local used PC store (Heartland Computers) than try to fix the old Sony (though I will if I don't find anything better real quickly).
  3. As I had a business cellphone that I could use, I upgraded that line to a Samsung Galaxy CORE Prime.  But, of course, getting that phone kept my nose pointed to the screen until the Note 7 arrived in the mail, because I had to get that one set-up and configured for work.
I've still had access to the online world through android tablets, an iPad, and by borrowing my wife's Dell laptop, but not the always-on-line with 24 hour anytime access using a fully functional and well configured laptop complete with all of my software, as I once had.

Luckily, I am finally getting this dented little old Gateway laptop setup and configured with the proper software and settings and have finally been able to create a few new fonts.  

I apologize for the delay, though I am sure that there is no one counting on me, or them, as I still haven't been able to afford a license for Fontographer, yet, and have been left up to my own list of free online font creation tools for the moment.

But that said, I have been able to finally take a breather and relax, and even play in FontStruct some.  To that end, I have updated 1 font, 'SDSU Collegiate' and created 2 additional versions of that font family, as well as created a new font.  

I plan on posting an announcement for the new font, Modmin, here that will allow a decent preview of the new font, which I have already uploaded to Font-Journal.

Then, I have to blog about the infuriating issues I have with Samsung over at www.Handheld.Tools, if for nothing else, just to get that off my chest (you have no idea).  Then, in the coming days, I plan to upload the updated 'SDSU Collegiate' font and font family archives to Font-Journal, and then I will announce them here, as well.

But, I am getting these issues resolved one by one, and getting back on track again.  Please bear with me.

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