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Friday, September 30, 2016

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

I've been sort of disabled in the past.  In August, my Sony Vaio (updated with Windows 7) went flaky and wouldn't start-up.  It may only be the SSD drive, or it also could be the RAM, but replacing both to get running again was about the price of getting a used laptop with a better processesor.

So, that's what I did, I saved a bit and grabbed an old laptop so that I have something that works, for now.  I have an old Gateway with a Core i3-350M processor (an upgrade from my Vaio's Core Duo).

I managed to get quite a few fonts added to the catagorized PC TTF font repository website in August, before this issue, but experienced the problems before mid month and didn't actually pick-out this used Gateway until a week ago.  So I kind of had to scramble to get the Windows 7 updates loaded, my software installed, basic settings configured and upload a few fonts this last month (September) before it was over.

Welcome, October!  I plan on getting more fonts online this month, though it may be at a slower pace than normal since I had to acquire some extra work in order to afford a new old laptop (along with the Note7 I bought, returned and grabbed an iPhone on loaner, then returned that once the new Galaxy Note 7's were in.

Hopefully I will find a period of less stressful technology for a few months and I can get back on track, once I am caught-up with everything else I'm doing.

As I have been so very busy with all these and other technology SNAFUs, I haven't been able to keep this blog as updated as I have previously.  And maybe showing the very same preview that's available on the font-Journal website isn't as cool as doing something different (and hopefully, better).

So I hope to do more updates and announcements of what's happening in the journal posted here in the blog, soon.  But in the meantime, I am trying to get updated.

Wish me luck!

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