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Sunday, March 27, 2016

The definitive Blackletter: Black Family by Paul Lloyd

The Black Family is not only the definitive hand lettered medieval gothic calligraphy script, it's even a free TrueType font from Paul Lloyd!

This is one of Paul Lloyd's "Black Jewels", and I know that you are going to be impressed, take a look...

Embossed Black:

EmbossedBlack (there's also a Wide version)

Incised Black:

IncisedBlack (there's also a Wide version)

Plain Black:

PlainBlack (there's also a Wide version)

Shadowed Black:

ShadowedBlack (there's also a Wide version)

Each individual font is also be available separately (see the corresponding links under each character preview image).  So far, I have yet to get each of the Wide versions setup at Font-Journal, but I will be getting to it, with time.

So far, that is the original Black Family archive you could download from Paul.  But I decided to add one more font from Mr. Lloyd, the one he made to complete the set, UltraBlack Initials...

UltraBlack Initials:

UltraBlack Initials

Obviously, the UltraBlack Initials are an upper-case only blackletter font.  But if you are looking for the whole family, you may as well have the full family.

Paul Lloyd's work on these free Black Family fonts is exemplary and although I would tweak things a bit differently, I would be removing this font further away from its roots as a finely detailed handlettered manuscript font set.  Kinda hard to even believe that they are free.

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