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Sunday, February 3, 2019

Free (CC0) Multilingual Constant Height Sans Block Font by JingYo

AZUL by JingYo

#Bold, #Condensed, Constant Height (exept accents), Block Filling #Sans #Font with a Modernized Art Deco Playbill look.
CC0 PD #Free #Typeface with #Multilingual Support. 
It makes a fine font for a variety of needs, and although designed as art is quite legible and makes you slow down and read.  I think it looks good, I like it, or it wouldn't be here.  It will not fit everywhere, but it is a great font.  And free, and you can even modify it and create your own derivative if you want to take that route and tweak it or even redefine it and make it something else.
Note that you can use this one as a web font, too.  It has been released into the public domain as a freeware font that holds onto the authoring designer's Copyright, but you can pretty much do anything with it, and it's free!

Free for Commercial or Personal Use. Download from Font-Journal... 

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