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Thursday, September 13, 2018

ZOMBIES Commercial Font & Freeware HORROR Fonts

Getting ready for Halloween?  

Need some good HORROR FONTS?

First, a word of warning:
These horror related fonts are usually finely detailed. Therefore, these fonts & typefaces (each font, really) are so complex that IT WILL SLOW DOWN YOUR SYSTEM. This means you should take some extra precautions and only install the fonts you need to use when you actually need to use them for a project.  Even then, manage your fonts so that you are using as few as possible other fonts at the same time.

Lately, I've been running into some good fonts for Halloween

The first one I would like to introduce to you is called Zombies...

Zombies by MagicHandStudio
#Handbrushed #Printed #DryBrush #Brush #Script #Font
I suppose you could classify this hand lettered dry brush script as a Horror Font, right?  I would think so.  This font will set you back $16 at Font Bundles.

The next one is a real good deal...

Rockstar Typeface by Efe Gürsoy
This #Free #Font Family comes with #Extras!
Rather dry brush stroke cursive script with a complementing wet brush printed display font. There are extra brushes, textures and graphics in this archive, as well.
While I wouldn't classify this as a horror font, it certaintly wouldn't be out of place there, and the style gives you extra options.  Plus, there is a wet brush all-caps font.  Plus, the price is right

Rockstar Regular + Alternates + Swashes
Rockstar Display
Photoshop brush set
Png files

Free for personal and commercial use from Pixel Surplus...

On to the next good deal... 

Alinea by Ndro
#FREE #DryBrush #Print #Font
Another Dry #Brush Hand Printed Font...
250 glyphs: characters, numerals, punctuation, marks & symbols, and it seems to fit right in as a Horror font.
Alinea is free for personal & commercial use projects from Pixel Surplus...

There's More!...

Silent Scream #Typeface by Andreas Leonidou
#FREE #AllCaps #DryBrush #Horror #Fonts
All caps (caps in both upper and lower case registers) dry brush horror sans print font family (regular & italic).
This wild rough dry brush that makes this a winner horror font and is a #Freebie #FontFamily.

Free for personal or commercial use from Alt Foundry...
(you may have to create an account or login, add to cart, no card required)


Update: September 19th, 2018
I have another one...

Edo SZ #Free #Font by Vic Fieger
#AllCaps #Horror/#Halloween font
Most of the punctuation you would need for posters and such.
Edo SZ isn't as detailed as Silent Scream, but that also means it will consume less computer memory, and if you have an older PC, it will slow it down less.  This font is a Free Font, archive download is available at

Happy Halloween!

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