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Sunday, September 16, 2018

16 Free Commercial Fonts Bundle

16 Commercial Fonts for FREE in One Bundle

Freebie Font Bundle Good Only For a Limited Time

I don't usually blog about these bundles, but this is a good one, and it's FREE.  Thing is, it takes a whole day to collect everything and write the dang post.  And we are running out of free bundle time for this one...
For the next 11 days (until Thursday midnight U.S. Central Time), until the 27th of September, 2018, Creative Fabrica has an awesome free font bundle of 16 commercial fonts that it usually would charge for.

This font bundle is so good, and at $0.00 you just can't pass it up.  But first, let's see all the fonts and typefaces that you get for free in this freebie font bundle.  There are cursive scripts, signature scripts, playful hand lettering, cartoon style fonts, beautiful calligraphy, awesome vintage signage style lettering, and at least one font duo. It's a nice package!

I will warn you, English may not be some of these designer's first language.  There are some obvious misspells in the sample images.  Oh well.

When marked as a Font, there is only one font, unless it is marked a Font Duo, which means there is at least two complementing fonts of different styles. A Typeface is a font family and you need at least 2 fonts under the same reserved font name to have a font family (a typeface). 

In alphabettical order, they are previewed below.  Scroll all the way down the page for the free font bundle link...

Alifa $10 Script Font by siwah.wah52

Alifa - Calligraphic Script Font with Swashes

Aphrodisiac $3 Loopy Cursive Script Font by Illustration Ink

Aphrodisiac - Handwritten Loopy, Curly Script Font on a Dancing Baseline

Artedoms - Blackletter Style Vintage Signage Lettering Typeface

Bentley - Bouncy, Curly Connected Lowercase Letter Cursive Script Font on a Dancing Baseline

Bollivia Rosilla Signature Style Script Font

Bomb Diggity Playful Youth Font

Bubble Double Cartoon Font Duo with Speech & Thought Balloons & Extras

Happy Birthday $12 Well Penned Cursive Script Font by Razi Studio

Happy Birthday - Calligraphic Connected Lowercase Letter Cursive Script Font

Malynda Duo $9 Sans Typeface & Signature Font by SOFDesign

Malynda Duo - Sans Typeface & Signature Font


  1. Hi there! The smaller font under each word tells the actual name of the font. The "sparkling" one is called Sweet Pea font and the link is:
    The clickable links to all of them are right under the image!

  2. is a site where you can download a ton of free fonts. You can search for a specific typeface, or search by the type of lettering you want, whether it’s serif or sans serif, hand lettered or grunge style. You can also put in your own phrase to see how it looks in a particular font. A lot of these fonts are very decorative and many are handdrawn, so it’s not always the best place to search for body text fonts. Each selection also tells you whether your download is free for personal or commercial use. The download is easy – you get a zip file with the font file inside. Unzip, install, and you’re ready to go.