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Friday, July 27, 2018

SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide Freeware (Web) Font

The good news is that I have been busy building fonts.  The bad news is that I have been so busy creating fonts on my own, building well documented archives and sharing fonts online in social media (in my Google+ fonts group, and on my Pinterest), that I have neglected this blog.

Starting today, I want to rectify that.  I have been updating Font-Journal, but added a few fonts of my own, as well.  So, I will start with my own fonts that have been archived there.

After following up my most popular font, SDSU Collegiate, with a second version that addressed some issues in the overall cohesive design of the font ('SDSU Collegiate V2'), I then extended that font with a new, wider version, 'SDSU Collegiate Extended', so that I was starting to build a V2 font family.

Last year, I further extended that font family by creating this new font, "SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide", which of course, is even a wider version of my collegiate/sports block slab serif...

SHORT (Vanity) URL:

The usage license only requires that I be credited with an active link for use of the font, attribution for my work once (somewhere, blog, website or even in social media), and the license cites a number of links a persona can link to, to accomplish that.

The SDSU Collegiate (V2) fonts started out life as a sports jersey font and therefore each font has a limited character set (SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide offers 98 glyphs).
However, the only punctuation missing from the Basic Latin letterset are the single & double, left & right, quotation marks (4 characters), plus it does include the TM & SM marks.

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