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Friday, July 6, 2018

Free Graffiti TTF Web Font - Yamashiro

Officially released today :


A free graffiti font & web font for personal & commercial use (under SIL Open Font License) redistribution, even derivative fonts OK.

Check out the sampler... a friend termed it a 'Latinasian' font...
Basic Latin (upper and lower case letters, numerals & standard punctuation), with marks (Copyright, Registered Trademark, TM & SM), symbols & currency signs (dollar, cents, pound, euro, yen, bitcoin & generic money sign).

There are two characters not shown that are include, the S & s with cedilla
because my wife is Polish and though she may never use this crazy graffiti font,
I still have to support my wife's people in her honor. (Click image to see full size image).
I tried to build the font based on nailing planks together (trying to keep zombies out, I suppose). I ran into the A somewhere checking videos out, and then based the design of the entire font on that similar design.

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