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Sunday, September 8, 2013

New PC TrueType Free For Personal Use Serif Hand Printed Font at Font-Journal

Milton Serif Bled Medium: A Robust Hand Printed Serif  

I am pleased to announce the latest of My fonts: Milton Serif Bled Medium version 4 is a hand printed serif that allows an elegant sloppiness in typeface, as it tries to conform to the likes of serif print fonts in handwritten form.

Milton Serif Bled is free for personal use (not for commercial use without permission from the artist... Me).  No derivative works should be based on this font, but otherwise it can be redistributed in its original distribution archive form.

Milton Serif Bled has an extremely robust character set that should make the entire western world happy.  I have included characters specifically used by Czech, Duetsch, España, Français, Greek, Italiano, Polski, Scandinavia, Turkish, Cyrillic, Ligatures, Math and extra Punctuation.  Counting them by hand, I come up with over 400 unique characters (each letter, accent and puntuation mark is redrawn with no copy and paste between letters/accents/punctuation).  Greeks may get a little ticked because My logo replaces the Captal PHI, but the Cyrillic EF character is identical.  I'll fix that in the next release.

Take a look:

The original official distribution archive is available from Font-Journal at:

I hope that you will find it useful for your personal projects and use!  -Doug Peters

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