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Friday, July 27, 2018

SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide Freeware (Web) Font

The good news is that I have been busy building fonts.  The bad news is that I have been so busy creating fonts on my own, building well documented archives and sharing fonts online in social media (in my Google+ fonts group, and on my Pinterest), that I have neglected this blog.

Starting today, I want to rectify that.  I have been updating Font-Journal, but added a few fonts of my own, as well.  So, I will start with my own fonts that have been archived there.

After following up my most popular font, SDSU Collegiate, with a second version that addressed some issues in the overall cohesive design of the font ('SDSU Collegiate V2'), I then extended that font with a new, wider version, 'SDSU Collegiate Extended', so that I was starting to build a V2 font family.

Last year, I further extended that font family by creating this new font, "SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide", which of course, is even a wider version of my collegiate/sports block slab serif...

SHORT (Vanity) URL:

The usage license only requires that I be credited with an active link for use of the font, attribution for my work once (somewhere, blog, website or even in social media), and the license cites a number of links a persona can link to, to accomplish that.

The SDSU Collegiate (V2) fonts started out life as a sports jersey font and therefore each font has a limited character set (SDSU Collegiate V2 Wide offers 98 glyphs).
However, the only punctuation missing from the Basic Latin letterset are the single & double, left & right, quotation marks (4 characters), plus it does include the TM & SM marks.

Friday, July 6, 2018

Free Graffiti TTF Web Font - Yamashiro

Officially released today :


A free graffiti font & web font for personal & commercial use (under SIL Open Font License) redistribution, even derivative fonts OK.

Check out the sampler... a friend termed it a 'Latinasian' font...
Basic Latin (upper and lower case letters, numerals & standard punctuation), with marks (Copyright, Registered Trademark, TM & SM), symbols & currency signs (dollar, cents, pound, euro, yen, bitcoin & generic money sign).

There are two characters not shown that are include, the S & s with cedilla
because my wife is Polish and though she may never use this crazy graffiti font,
I still have to support my wife's people in her honor. (Click image to see full size image).
I tried to build the font based on nailing planks together (trying to keep zombies out, I suppose). I ran into the A somewhere checking videos out, and then based the design of the entire font on that similar design.

#Free #graffiti #webfont #font #TTF

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

WebFont - A Free SIL OFL Font & Web Font

My "WebFont" has finally been ironed out so that it will install.  It is free, obviously you can use it on your website as a web font (#webfont), and has lots of little dingbat extras for UI symbols. It is a bold sans serif with some goth touches, intended for logos and section headers with very good ledgibility (or readability).

Today, I updated the following characters: / | \ & @ % ^ ( ) - + = : ; ' " n t m, still mulling over other changes. Anyways, I am still working on it, so updates may yet be forthcoming.  It has become apparent that I need to update a lot of the punctuation, I have a new style that needs to be applied to the other quotes, commas, semicolons, etc.  Always something.  But, it's getting there.
"WebFont" a free bold sans serif with goth cuts & a few extra dingbats.
The development version is available at Fontstruct, the free online font editor.
This font is a good basic start for your own take, and is eligible for designing your own 'derivatives' (edited, modified, appended or stylized renamed copies based on the original font), so if you like it and you want to tweak it, feel free to go ahead and do just that.  You can clone it at Fontstruct and edit it there, or you can download it from Font-Journal (or FontStruct, but the official download distribution release is at my own site archive of fonts, Font-Journal {unless Google Fonts would ever want that job}) and then throw it into your favorite font editor.  I would hope to be acknowledged for my contributions to the finished font in the documentation.  Just be sure to rename this font, as it one uses the reserved name, "WebFont", and yours can't as well, or we would have too many fonts named the same thing.

WebFont is a modular font, which also means that it is well optimized for Flash, if you are still using that in, say, an animation video production environment.  I made the following preview image using a free metal background I grabbed from Graphic Flip...

WebFont Character Preview (limited number of characters displayed).
WebFont has an official distribution release version home page at Font-Journal
Now, please be assured that I am going to keep working on this, that it will improve over time.  That said, I may not be back here to officially announce a new version the next time it is updated, but I will come back and update this blog entry with updates when I can.

Currently, WebFont offers 611 glyphs and still is a very light load. Google Fonts requires 213 particular glyphs, and all of those are present, while supporting Basic Latin, Latin-1 Supplement, Latin Extended A, General Punctuation, Superscript & Subscript letterset registers, as well as the Copyright, (Registered) Trademark, Service Mark, TEL and FAX Letterlike Symbols, a few Currency Symbols, and a wide variety of Dingbats.  I have started the Latin Extended B letterset register, but have a long way to go on that one.  

Thanks for taking the time to check out my work.  Font-Journal is where I keep my officially released fonts, but it is also an archive of what I feel are great freeware and shareware fonts.  I try to post anything there that I can redistribute, especially stuff that I can use on websites (web fonts / #webfonts) and that are good for commercial projects such as logos.

Speaking of logos, I have to get back to one right now and will be back to publish this once I have the official distribution release archive ready to download.  ;)  See Ya!


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Black Hymned Written Script Font Free for a Limited Time

Black Hymned, a multilingual handwritting script font from Stringlabs Type, is free for a limited time on Creative Market.

Black Hymned is a trio font package that comes in TrueType and OpenType font formats. The archive contains three styles on a central script design. Each of the fonts contain lowercase, uppercase, numbers, symbols and also support multiple languages. This font can use in any software without problem, and comes with a commercial license for unlimited commercial use.

Powered by Creative Market

Montharo Sans Typeface with Extras - Free for a Limited Time

Montharo, a retro/vintage multilingual sans serif typeface with some extras by Tyfrography is free for a limited time from Creative Market.

This typeface comes with 5 fonts, including regular, rough, inky, round and stamped.
Multilanguage uppercase, lowercase, numerals, punctuations, ligatures, and stylistic alternate glyphs are supported. Perfect for vintage, retro or rustic logos, headlines, apparel designs and poster text. Free to use for commercial projects, complete with its own unlimited use commercial license.

Powered by Creative Market

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

OFL Freeware Small Caps Sans Font (& WebFont)

I have created a small font file and released it under the Open Font License.  This is commonly referred to as OFL or SIL OFL freeware that is a license specifically created for fonts, and is commonly used for Google Web Fonts (#webfonts).

Parking Small Caps

As you can see, it was created in FontStruct, a free online TrueType font editor that is easy to use and allows users to create modular fonts (and modular fonts are actually optimized for Flash, if you still use that for animation production, or something).

This is a no frills, straight-forward sans serif monospace small caps TrueType font which supports uppercase, lowercase (using the small caps), numerals, simple punctuation, the ©, ™, ®, $ & ¢ special characters, with no other real overhead so that it will load quickly from websites that use it.  The style has high loops when a letter presents itself with one (the middle letter bar is high and uniform among each case).

This font also has a home at my Font-Journal, a repository of freeware and shareware fonts, with an emphasis on posting fonts that are OK for commercial use, and/or as a web font.

If you have any special characters that you would like to see supported, I would be more than happy add them.  Constructive criticism is also highly encouraged for any of my fonts.

Derivatives of this font are allowed, but you can't name it the same, so make it your own font to suit your own purposes at FontStruct for free, just use a different reserved font name.

You may use it as a web font (#webfont) and redistribution of this font (and any possible renamed derivatives of it, as long as they are under the same license) is highly encouraged.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Xwept Fonts - 3 CC0 Freeware Fonts

I was quite surprised to find that a client for whom I am creating a logo chose the logo rendition (that I almost didn't even include) with my own font, Xwept.

I released this as a freeware (Creative Commons 0 - Copyright credit maintained free for Personal Use without any other restriction than it and all derivatives must remain under the same CC0 license) font some time ago, but no one really seemed too interested in it.  However, as unique styles go, this font seemed to fit the needs of his logo, specifically.  I even created a more muted version of the first Xwept font in order to find a good complementary font for the second line of text.

The original font is actually Xwept Small, named as such because of the smaller loops, ascenders and case style found in the lowercase a, b, d, e, g, i, j, k, m, n & t letters.  Eventually, I will change a few more of the lowercase letters, trying to compact them vertically.

I can remember David Carson asking me if I had any new crazy fonts.  He liked to use them when he was the art director for Ray Gun Magazine so that reading his Rock 'n Roll articles were an adventure.  I had no idea I'd fall in love with creating these fonts, myself.

But I also knew that I had to make the necessary corrections required for most everyone else (mainstream public and media).  Otherwise, my unique fonts aren't even going to get a second look.  After all, I would like to fit in and contribute to society, somewhere, somehow.  

So a more tamed version of Xwept was created.  And it did look good as the top line of my client's logo, but it still needed to be toned down and given a uniqueness of its own for the next couple lines of text, which was more descriptive and less logo-ish, it needed to be more legible (unless of course, you are an alien).  

So, because I could not find a font that complemented Xwept without over-powering it, or just being too lame, I created Xwept Plain Spoken for Common Folk, which offers its own unique flair but still works with Xwept.

I am going to update that font further, as well, and introduce the theme of the font to more of the characters.  In this case I will see it as an improvement, so it will be the same crazy font name, Xwept Plain Spoken for Common Folk, but a new version to overwrite this first one.  So, if you like it, grab it now.  ;)